Hi, I’m Donna and am crazy about travel and adventure. No, I have not always travelled a lot, and certainly, I could not have been described as the most adventurous!

In the past, I was more to an introvert person, and I just hid myself in my everyday life, but then came the day when I had my life uncurbed. I started to trust myself from my snail shell, I started travelling, and I gave my life a motto: the world is what you enjoy.

At the end of 2015, I went a step further, when I was hired by an agency, fulfilled the dream of a multi-month trip through South America and since then worked as a freelance PR and social media consultant as well as a blogger and an editor.

Even if I travel a lot today, travel is not necessary for me to collect as many miles as possible or to pin flags into the personal world map. I am convinced that the adventure starts right before your doorstep – you just have to open your eyes.

And you do not need much money, lots of time, or an around-the-world ticket in your pocket. The adventure lurks everywhere – in front of the front door as well as on the most dangerous street in the world.